Adrian Belew - Side One CD


*Out of Print* (one copy left)

Adrian Belew is no stranger to breaking new ground. His resume reads like a history of modern music: Bowie, Byrne, Zappa, Reznor, and King Crimson just to name a few. Side One is the first in a series of three studio albums from one of rock's true unsung heroes. It features appearances from Les Claypool (Primus), Danny Carey (Tool), and others. This is crazed jazz/rock insanity!

"As a guitar player in a power trio, you're only as good as your rhythm section. I can't imagine a better rhythm section than Les Claypool and Danny Carey." - Adrian Belew

1- Ampersand mp3
2- Writing On The Wall mp3
3- Matchless Man mp3
4- Madness mp3
5- Walk Around The World mp3
6- Beat Box Guitar mp3
7- Under The Radar mp3
8- Elephants mp3
9- Pause mp3