ALO - Sounds Like This CD

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In April 2011, ALO convened at San Francisco's Mission Bells studio with no plans other than to make some music together. With studio owner/longtime collaborator David Simon-Baker assisting behind the board, the band opted to take the same improvisational tack towards recording as they do on stage. Any distinctions between pre-production and real recording would be shed, allowing for ALO's instinctive spontaneity to make it to track.

"We thought, what if we started recording from the get-go," Gill says, "instead of rehearsing, making songs, and then going into the studio. We decided to start the whole process all at once, with the intention of wanting things to feel really live."

"Without a clear roadmap, we hit a lot of dead ends," says drummer Dave Brogan says, "which forced us to create our way out of the morass. I think that helped us look to within ourselves rather than outside influences to bring the music to life."

The band all based in the Bay Area, bar Gill, who resides in sunny Santa Barbara, were also able to utilize a lifetime's bag of tricks in a way the previous album's sonic scope only suggested.

01. Dead Still Dance (5:06)
02. Blew Out the Walls (6:04)
03. Falling Dominoes (5:06)
04. Speed of Dreams (5:27)
05. Storms and Hurricanes (3:40)
06. Cowboys and Chorus Girls (7:45)
07. Bark of a Tree (3:52)
08. Combat Zone (5:03)
09. Room for Bloomin' (9:25)
10. Reviews (From Here to Zed) (8:33)

Release date 05.08.2012