Asylum Street Spankers - My Favorite Record CD

Music about loving music. Declaring the best music is funny, joyful, moving and adventurous, the world's greatest all-acoustic band loaded the album with musical and lyrical references to their favorite records and shoot them at you faster than bad jokes in an Airplane! movie. This record will have you laughing, tapping your foot, dancing in your underwear and rooting through your record collection to track down another one of the Spankers' sources of inspired amalgamation.

1. Monkey Rag mp3
2. Antifreeze mp3
3. Breathin' mp3
4. Whatever mp3
5. Mountain Town mp3
6. Wingless Angels mp3
7. Smile mp3
8. Wammo's Blues mp3
9. Insane Asylum
10. The Minor Waltz
11. No Song Sad Enough
12. My Favorite Record

Released 2002