Black Sabbath - Montreux 1970 & The Lost BBC Sessions CD


Black Sabbath's first major exposure came when the band appeared on John Peel's Top Gear radio show in 1969, performing to a national audience in the UK, shortly before recording of their first album commenced. Although the 'Evil Woman' single failed to chart, the band were afforded two days of studio time in November to record their debut with producer Rodger Bain. Black Sabbath was released on Friday the 13th February, 1970, and reached number 8 in the UK Albums Chart. Following its U.S. and Canadian release in May 1970 by Warner Bros. Records, the album reached number 23 on the Billboard 200, where it remained for over a year. The album was a commercial success but was widely panned by some critics such as Lester Bangs from Rolling Stone. The record is now generally accepted as the first heavy metal album. In the wake of the recording of Sabbath's second album, they were out on tour, before it was released, and on August 31, 1970, performed one of their finest shows of the era at the Montreux Casino in Switzerland. This is the venue which, a year later, during a performance there by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, burnt down (as epitomised in 'Smoke On The Water' by Deep Purple). Sabbath's gig at the venue was subject to no such misfortune however, instead the show was a dynamic concert which caused raptures through the audience and which remains a classic concert, still flagged by fans as a triumph. Now available on this single CD along with a number of bonus cuts, taken from sessions the band made for the BBC in 1969, these recording will undoubtedly prove a complete delight for Black Sabbath fans the world across.

Track Listing



Behind The Wall Of Sleep

Iron Man

War Pigs

Fairies Wear Boots

Hand Of Doom

Rat Salad

Black Sabbath

Behind The Wall Of Sleep

War Pigs

Fairies Wear Boots

Blue Suede Shoes

The Rebel

When I Came Down

Release date 11.6.20