David Crosby - Towering Inferno: Rare Radio Broadcast 1989 CD


After a stint in prison, David Crosby emerged from his year-long incarceration a completely clean and sober man. His revitalisation was marked by a period of unbridled creativity, yielding his second solo record Oh Yes I Can released in 1989 - a full 18 years after his debut, the magnificent If I could Only Remember My Name from 1971. Crosby was supporting the album during his spring 1989 tour and on April 8th he performed at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia. The show was aired on FM Radio and the results of that broadcast can be heard on this CD. 

Backed by a powerhouse combo that included longtime CSN band mate Michael Finnigan (keyboards), Dan Dugmore (guitar), Jody Cortez (drums), and Davey Faragher (bass/vocals), the stripped down sound suits Crosby as his powerful, emotive vocals, and strident fretwork has rarely been as well defined or as energetic as they are here. The show begins with an acoustic setting on the opening pairing of 'Tracks In the Dust' and one of the most hauntingly beautiful readings of 'Guinnevere' ever to have been committed to tape.  Tracks from the album here rub shoulders with a number of old classics rearranged for this band and tour - among them 'Deja vu', 'Wooden Ships', 'Almost Cut My Hair' and 'Long Time Gone'.

Track Listing

  1. Tracks in the Dust
  2. Guinnevere
  3. Dreams
  4. Drive My Car
  5. Lady of the Harbour
  6. Deja Vu
  7. Wooden Ships
  8. Almost Cut My Hair
  9. Long Time Gone

Release Date: 11.13.15