Donna The Buffalo - Positive Friction CD


Donna the Buffalo blends many musical genres -reggae, rock, zydeco and folk - evoking tribal warmth,celebration and dancing, hypnotic, dreamlike music. Donna’spointed lyrics issue moral challenges with the early earnestarrows of Bob Dylan shot from the bow of Bob Marley. Tara’sclear, sweet voice wings like a bird above the music, whileJeb’s richly textured, loping lilting voice focuses onheartfelt values. Likened to The Band and the Grateful Dead,Donna’s singularly unique style allows its audience to roamand play in the outer edges of their range without losing theworld view sensibilities a herd should have.

Track Listing
No Place like the Right Time
Movin' On
Riddle of the Universe
Front Porch
In Another World
Family Picture
Positive Friction
Man of constant Sorrow
I wish you love
Arrows pointing Sideways
Your way Home