Dr. Dog - We All Belong CD

As a band inspired by artists like the Beatles, The Band, The Zombies, and the revolutionary sound of 1960's and 70s pop, it would be easy for a band as talented as Dr. Dog to come across as fake. Thankfully, the sounds they coaxed out of an 8-track recorder on their first release are proven to be genuine on We All Belong - heartfelt, honest songs that have a timeless quality built in, and production that allows the cracks and crevices to be explored. Upgrading to a machine 3 times as powerful (24 whole tracks!) for We All Belong, Dr. Dog found that their style didn't change a bit. Rather, the irresistable sound of the band's poignant ensemble pieces became even more impressive, with the full details of harmonies, strings, and other various textures revealed at last. We All Belong is a retro-sounding album that carries none of the burden of such a description.

1. Old News mp3
2. My Old Ways mp3
3. Keep A Friend mp3
4. Girl, The mp3
5. Alaska mp3
6. Weekend mp3
7. Ain't It Strange mp3
8. Worst Trip mp3
9. Way The Lazy Do, The
10. Die, Die, Die
11. We All Belong

Released 2/27/07