Bela Fleck & the Flecktones - Live at the Quick DVD


This video contains some of the most incredible musicians on the planet, and it is amazing! Features Bela and the 'Tones plus special guests Paul McCandless, Sandip Burman (tablas), Congar ol'Ondar (throat singing), Andy Narell (steel pans, keys), and Paul Hanson (bassoon). Astounding sound quality and an unforgettable live performance make this a must-have! Features over a dozen songs plus interviews, backstage footage, and more!

Earth Jam
Lover's Leap
Zona Mona
Ovombo Summit
Hall of Mirrors
Scratch & Sniff
Improv/Amazing Grace
Big Country
Alash Khem
A Moment So Close
Improv/Prelude from Bach violin partitia #3
Ah Shu Dekio