The Motet

The Motet
Spearheaded by drummer extraordinaire Dave Watts, The Motet continues its tradition as one of the most eclectic bands on the scene today.

The Motet’s unique blend of Afro-Beat, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Funk and Jazz traditions defies categorization. Drawing on the wealth of musical inspiration in the band’s hometown of Boulder, CO, The Motet never fails to inspire fans and enthrall the crowd. The music is a grooving improvisation that awakens and stirs the soul. There are two constants in the world of The Motet: evolving music and matchless musicianship. The constantly evolving sound of The Motet defies definition as the band takes the music to new levels with every performance. Whatever the occasion, wherever the gig, The Motet is winning the hearts, souls and dancing feet of fans all over the country.

Home Town: 
Boulder, CO