The Manhattan Project - Atomic Bomb Party Vol 2 CD

The Manhattan Project dishes out addictive beats, tight percussion, and excellent keyboards on this 5 track EP.

The electronic duo of Shawn Drogan (drums / electronics) and Charlie Lindner (keys) pride themselves on creating "intelligent dance music."  With a sound that encompasses the best of both analog and digital recording techniques, the 5 tracks presented on this EP will prove to be an excellent, habit forming introduction.  The Manhattan Project has played a series of gigs with Lotus, Conspirator, and has been picked to join the Camp Bisco lineup this summer.   This series of high profile gigs bodes well for the Manhattan Project, and the songs on this EP will certainly entice listeners. 


"Atomic Bomb Party, Volume 2" begins with "Atomic," which displays ambient oscillations and voiceover samples before jumping into an aggressive, addictive beat.  This track ventures through varying textures and beats, but never loses steam.  About 4 minutes into the track, the song seems to climax, and then repositions itself for an airy 2 minute stroll to the finish line.  "New World Anthem" summons one to the dance floor with strident keyboards, but bouncy percussion proves to be the star of this track.  Keyboards swell throughout the body of the song, and offer excellent accentuation to Shawn Drogan's drums and electronics.  The track splinters and subsides, establishing a nice foundation for "When Worlds Collide."  The first half of this track has a sophisticated, refined edge, but dissolves into exploratory noise.  "Infectious" begins in milder waters, but the intensity ramps up, and the last half of track would be excellent for any DJ at a late night dance party.  Drogan's excellent work on percussion is excellent throughout the 5 songs of this EP, but shines in particular on this track.  The EP concludes with the sophisticated, more ambient leaning "All My Friends."


The five tracks on this EP prove to be an addictive introduction to The Manhattan Project.   The EP demonstrates a great amount of bounce, swagger, and fun yet maintains a sophisticated edge throughout the recording.  As a freelance reviewer for Homegrown, I try to evaluate each disc without striking too many comparisons to other artists.  However, comparisons are a nice way to evaluate one artist in relation to another.  The five tracks on "Atomic Bomb Party, Volume 2" offer some of the addictive thump of the Chemical Brothers, with the refinement and sophistication of Thievery Corporation.   This EP has been continuously played ever since I got it, and I find myself enjoying this 30 minutes of music immensely.  Anyone with a proclivity to attend late night dance parties will find lots to chew on in the tracks of this EP.

- J Evan Wade