ALO - Roses & Clover CD


Ten gloriously infectious tunes that cruise through the classic American soundscape from roots rock to bluesy jazz with a hint of 70's disco!

After the unexpected success of their last album, Fly Between Falls, it seemed imminent that ALO would continue to flourish, and Roses & Clover is a welcome sign that this easygoing quartet is still writing amazing songs. One taste of this disc and you'll hear all the things you love about ALO wrapped in an album that must be listened to from start to finish: the catchy lyrics, breezy melodies, and soulful performance you've come to love are all intact!

1. Maria mp3
2. Empty Vessel (A Pledge Of No Allegiance) mp3
3. Try mp3
4. Roses and Clover mp3
5. Monday mp3
6. Shine mp3
7. Plastic Bubble mp3
8. All Alone mp3
9. Lady Loop
10. Water Song

Released 5/1/07