American Babies CD

American Babies is first and foremost a group of friends, and principal songwriter Tom Hamilton prefers it that way. What started as a group of friends sharing stories in their spare time has quickly blossomed into one of the most buzzed-about roots-rock bands from Brooklyn's underground music scene.

American Babies first came together after Hamilton started work on a new batch of Americana songs to pass the time on the road. Naturally, he began sharing his songs with confidants like his brother Jim, a professionally trained musician, and drummer Joe Russo, one half of instrumental rock sensations Benevento/Russo Duo.

After fleshing out their arrangements on the live stage, the group entered the studio with veteran producer Jon Altschiller (DMB, John Mayer) to create their emotionally-charged debut. Recruiting friends like The Disco Biscuits Aron Magner (piano) and Kevin Kendrick (vibraphone), along with a full string section, the band effortlessly laid down 11 compositions, from the gentle, harmony-laced "Swimming at Night" to the infectious, twangy "Invite Your Friends."

Tom Hamilton (vocals/guitar)
Joe Russo (drums/vocals)
Scott Metzger (guitar/vocals)
Jim Hamilton (bass/vocals)

1. Invite Your Friends 3:43
2. Baby, Don't Cry 4:07
3. Swimming At Night 2:55
4. American Babies 6:54
5. Broken English 4:48
6. Brooklyn Bridge 3:49
7. One for the Road 3:12
8. Floating 2:48
9. Rocker 2:48
10. Flowers Don't Grow in the Moonlight 4:23
11. Never Be Loved Like This Again 4:18

Released April 1, 2008