Antibalas - Security CD

With Security, Brooklyn's Antibalas are ready to connect with a mass audience hungry for loosebooty grooves, intelligent sounds, and committed lyrics - the same audience that made instant classics of genre-breakers like Talking Heads' Remain In Light. Bringing John McEntire of Tortoise into the studio - this is the band's first release with an outside producer - has upped the harmonic density in Antibalas' sound, creating a rich tapestry of harmelodic color that owes as much to jazz masters like Mingus and Coltrane and maverick bands like Can as it does to Fela Kuti. Antibalas have broadened their appeal to the point where they can collaborate with TV On the Radio one day, groove a sweaty Brooklyn club the next, and then turn around and rock massive crowds at festivals like Coachella and Bonaroo. Building from the revolutionary blueprint of afrobeat, the dozen-strong members of Brooklyn's Antibalas weave latin, jazz, funk and horn-laden soul into a blend that is both polyrhythmic and political, independent and infectious.

1. Beaten Metal 5:52 mp3
2. Filibuster XXX 11:54 mp3
3. Sanctuary 12:52 mp3
4. Hilo 4:48 mp3
5. War Hero 5:25 mp3
6. I.C.E. 8:15 mp3
7. Age 8:20 mp3

Released March 6, 2007