Astral Project - Live at Jazz Fest 2006 CD


Recorded live at the 2006 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival! This is not a bootleg, but the official live recording from JazzFest Live!

This show from Astral Project in such superb sound is a real treat! Astral Project has earned their reputation as one of the most engaging and entertaining jazz acts in the world, and this smokin' set from the fairgrounds is a shining example of why this group has been around for decades.

1- Intro :34
2- Second Thoughts 9:01
3- Banter 1:08
4- The Whole Truth 9:35
5- Cowboy Bill 11:17
6- Banter :55
7- Fallen Angels 9:20
8- Nowhere To Hide 7:56
9- Banter 5:25
10- Sidewalk Strut 11:20