Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up CD

The Mix-Up is Beastie Boys' first-ever full album of all-new instrumental material. The Mix-Up features Diamond, Horovitz and Yauch back on drums, guitar and bass, with able assistance from keyboardist Money Mark and percussionist Alfredo Ortiz on 12 brand new wordless, sample-less, scratchless originals. Sure to please fans of the instrumental cuts from The In Sound From Way Out!, The Mix-Up finds NYC's favorite sons drawing on one of their arsenal's primary strengths and pushing it into bold new directions.

1. B For My Name mp3
2. 14th St. Break mp3
3. Suco De Tangerina mp3
4. The Gala Event mp3
5. Electric Worm mp3
6. Freaky Hijiki mp3
7. Off The Grid mp3
8. The Rat Cage mp3
9. The Melee
10. Dramastically Different
11. The Cousin Of Death
12. The Kangaroo Rat

Released 6/26/07