Bellyfull - Postmodern Ghetto CD


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Bellyfull is pioneering the dynamic fusion of funk, jazz, high-spirited soul, rock & roll and all of the peculiar places in between. Each live performance presents an opportunity for exploration because of the improvisational nature of the band. Bellyfull's unique instrumental compositions are wrapped in a depth of soul that moves in organic waves throughout an entire show. Lead vocalist Scott Daily combines blues, jazz and R&B to create his own unique style of singing lyrics which have as many powerful interpretations as there are listeners.

This 2005 release captures the band's deft grooves as recorded live in their hometown of Charlotte, NC.

1- What's your Circumference? mp3
2- Green Ballot mp3
3- Postmodern Ghetto mp3
4- Karmic Tide mp3
5- Banana Intro #2 mp3
6- Flow mp3
7- Party People mp3
8- Peas Porridge mp3
9- Slinky Minky mp3


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