Blackberry Smoke - Live at Peach Music Festival 2012 CD


You can call Blackberry Smoke's music southern rock and you wouldn't be wrong. Or you could call it country and you wouldn't be wrong, either. But you would be selling both the band and its legion of fans short. With influences that run the gamut from country to bluegrass to metal to gospel and yes, southern rock, Blackberry Smoke is more than the sum of its diverse parts. "None of us have ever said, 'Let's be a southern rock band or a bluegrass band or a country band'," Blackberry Smoke frontman Charlie Starr explains. "We all love the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Stones and the Faces and Hank Williams and Bill Monroe. It's not about what kind of music it is, as long as it's good and it's honest. When we get together it just sounds the way it does."

1. Leave A Scar (3:50) listen
2. Six Ways To Sunday (3:37) listen
3. Pretty Little Lie (3:52) listen
4. Stage banter 1 (0:32) listen
5. Good One Comin' On (3:33) listen
6. Stage banter 2 (0:23) listen
7. Crimson Moon (4:04) listen
8. Stage banter 3 (0:24) listen
9. Sleeping Dogs (10:03) listen
10. Stage banter 4 (0:25) listen
11. Everybody Knows She's Mine (4:09) listen
12. Stage banter 5 (0:56) listen
13. Lucky Seven (4:00) listen
14. Stage banter 6 (0:21) listen
15. Up In Smoke (3:20) listen
16. Stage banter 7 (0:33) listen
17. The Whippoorwill (5:35) listen
18. Ain't Got The Blues (4:20) listen
19. Ain't Much Left Of Me (6:51) listen
20. Stage banter 8 (0:35) listen
21. One Horse Town (3:48) listen
22. Deep Elm Blues (5:22) listen