Brian Stoltz - New World Rising CD


The long-awaited, New World Rising, is the first studio album by New Orleans artist, Brian Stoltz, in nearly two decades. Stoltz takes you on an adventurous lyrical and melodic journey through twelve self-penned songs about loss, hope, love and loyalty. This album is sure to please long-time fans as well as the new.

"Brian Stoltz played in a funky and blistering way...he had articulate schemes...Brian's licks were thought out like piano patterns. He could play James Booker piano licks on the guitar." - Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Vol.1

Brian Stoltz has toured and recorded with rock 'n roll royalty, released four solo albums and performs on a string of recordings - playing, producing and writing for various artists. Stoltz bases his art on street virtuosity, raw emotion and a swampy, yet stinging signature style. Whether performing as a guitarist, songwriter, singer or producer, Stoltz stands out as one of New Orleans' premier artist.

Stoltz grew up in New Orleans just a stone's throw from the highly pilgrimaged grounds where the N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival takes place annually. Starting in the early 60's the 7th ward native immersed himself in New Orleans Pop and R&B radio, idolizing many of the artists he eventually came to tour, record and write music with. He formed various rock, blues and soul bands throughout high school, performing at local sock hops, school dances and in rural country bars outside of the city, where IDs were never checked.

Stoltz enrolled as a music major at Southeastern Louisiana University, specializing in classical guitar. But it didn't take long before he grew bored with the routine. The early 70's was, musically, too creative a time to allow academics to interfere with the music. It was then that he decided to leave behind his string of straight A's and continue his higher education by driving the pitch-black backroads that wind through the dark heart of the bayous, honing his skills in rowdy juke joints and the rough and tumble roadhouses of South Louisiana. Stoltz toured the deep-south, southern states and did mandatory-time at hard-labor amongst the pimps, prostitutes, hustlers, and generally shady characters on the Bourbon Street club scene.

It was there, in a Bourbon Street nightclub that Stoltz met and formed a relationship with brothers Art and Aaron Neville, which eventually led to being asked to join The Neville Brothers Band in late 1981 as they were about to embark on The Rolling Stones' Tattoo You Tour. Stoltz spent the rest of the 80's traveling the world, as the band headlined festivals, concert halls and shared stages with U2, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Santana, B.B. King, Ziggy Marley, Hall & Oates, to name a handful. Stoltz was there for the entire run - a time when every major act out there was trying to either tour, record or in some way rub elbows with the Neville's.

After touring, writing and recording for a decade with the band, Stoltz left the Neville's in January of 1990. He'd been recording demos in New York with Pink Floyd keyboardist, Jon Carin. The two formed a partnership and upon assurance that they were poised to be their new, pop/rock sensation, the duo signed with RCA Records and recorded their debut album. Shortly before the final mixes were complete, the president of the label and other major heads were fired - and many acts went along with them. Including that of Carin & Stoltz.

Stoltz then spent a couple of road-heavy years with New Orleans piano-master, Dr. John. He performed for fifteen years with The "funky" Meters until 2007 when he took a four-year hiatus to devote time to his own career as a recording artist and to spend more time writing and traveling to India, where he frequently visits. A few years before this Stoltz had formed a power-funk trio with two of his funky Meters bandmates appropriately titled, Porter Batiste Stoltz. The now defunct unit called it quits in October of 2009. Stoltz spent the next few years investigating and fighting legal issues due to a vicious lawsuit brought about by their former manager. During this period The funky Meters found themselves in need of a guitarist and they once again called upon Stoltz to bring the magic - which he did, rejoining the band in late 2011.

Throughout the years and many different bands, Stoltz created unique, original bodies of work that include The Neville Brother's iconic 1989 album, Yellow Moon, The funky Meters classic, Fiyo At The Fillmore, as well as four critically-acclaimed solo albums, Up All Night Live (2007), God, Guns & Money (2005), East Of Rampart Street (2003) and the now out-of-print Starving Buddha (1999).

Being a chameleon by nature, Stoltz's guitar playing defies all labels. He has been called a "funk guitarist," a "great R&B stylist," a "rock & roller" and a" country/western guitarist". A Q Magazine review of Bob Dylan's Oh Mercy album said Stoltz's guitar is like "stinging rain pinging on a barbed wire fence." Being compared to artists as diverse as Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield and Snooks Eaglin, one thing is certain - Stoltz's playing transcends all genres. And though the public's stereotype of Stoltz may be that of a funk guitarist, there are those who has realized his full measure, as he's worked with a wide-range of artists and producers in various genres - appearing on numerous recordings by Bob Dylan and artists like Edie Brickell, Linda Ronstadt and Dr. John. Stoltz has also worked with high-caliber producers Daniel Lanois, Mark Howard, Malcolm Burn, Roy Healy and Paul Simon. In addition to being in demand as a phenomenal guitarist, Stoltz's multifaceted songs have been recorded by and/or used by The Wild Magnolias, Tab Benoit, The Neville Brothers, Coco Montoya, Aaron Neville and film director John Sayles to name a few. Stoltz's song Last Kiss, co-written with and recorded by Zachary Richard recently entered the Billboard Canadian charts at #18.

Performing with a variety of artists that include Paul Simon and Edie Brickell, Stoltz's television appearances include The Tonight Show (with Jay Leno & Johnny Carson), Saturday Night Live, Late Night with David Letterman, Austin City Limits, Cinemax and Showtime specials, and televised concerts with the Grateful Dead. Ever socially conscious, Stoltz toured, along with The Neville Brothers, U2, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Lou Reed and Joan Baez as the torchbearers of the first Amnesty International Tour, A Conspiracy Of Hope, to raise consciousness of the fate of political prisoners around the world.
Stoltz has received awards from CMJ (College Music Journal) and the New Music Corporation for Lifetime Achievement. His co-written Healing Chant, performed by The Neville Brothers, won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental and Stoltz's solo rendition of You Gotta Move was featured on Preachin' The Blues: The Music Of Mississippi Fred McDowell (Telarc Records), which received a Grammy nomination in the Best Traditional Blues category.

01. You Can Never Die 3:11
02. Mirror Mirror 6:34
03. One Angel 4:22
04. All That Binds 7:01
05. Nature Smiles on It All 3:35
06. Reach for the Sky 6:52
07. Trail of Tears 4:47
08. Young Man Blues 6:45
09. Chain 3:57
10. Fool for Love 5:08
11. Someday I'll Have Mine 4:53
12. Bow Down on Sunday 5:49


Released April 2024