Carolina Chocolate Drops - Heritage CD

Armed with banjos, fiddles, guitars, jugs, kazoos, spoons and various other percussive "instruments," in this album, the Carolina Chocolate Drops revisit the jug-band and Black string-band music of the '20s and '30s with the zest of the most energetic hip-hoppers and the acumen of old-time music pioneers. Although they remain faithful to the tradition, they have an atypical way of articulating their own artistic feelings.

Heritage is an international release from Dixiefrog Records in France.

Track Listing:
1/Another Man Done Gone
2/Wayward Gal
3/Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind
4/Black Eye Blues
5/Georgie Buck
6/Earl King
7/Jack O' Diamonds
8/Short Life of Trouble
9/Po' Lazarus
10/Rickett's Hornpipe
11/Cornbread and Butter Beans
12/Bye-Bye Policeman
13/Real Old Mountain Dew
14/Sittin' On Top of the World
15/Banjo Dreams/Jalidong

Release date 06.07.2011