Charlie Hunter - Steady Groovin': The Blue Note Groove Sides

This compilation gathers the best and the baddest from Charlie Hunter's early Blue Note releases. Included here are tracks from Bing Bing Bing, Ready Set Shango, Natty Dread, Duo, and Return of The Candyman. This is a great way to gether some of Charlie's finest moments on record!

1- Run For It mp3
2- Rhythm Music Rides Again mp3
3- Greasy Granny mp3
4- Mean Streak mp3
5- Nothin' But Trouble mp3
6- Lively Up Yourself mp3
7- The Shango, Pt 3 mp3
8- Enter The Dragon mp3
9- Two For Bleu mp3
10- The Spin Seekers mp3
11- Ashby Man mp3
12- Fistful of Haggis mp3