Charlie Hunter Trio - Copperopolis CD

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...and while Charlie Hunter's other plans have included other bands (most recently including Garage-A-Trois & Groundtruther) other gigs (endless dates as a side-man, studio musician and collaborator) and other formations of his own band (from duo, to quartet to quintet) Charlie always found himself going back to where it all began - the trio, which, after 15 years as a leader, has finally become his band, the one that's gonna stick together, grow old together.

Now together for over 5 years, having toured the world (and beyond) the Charlie Hunter Trio follows up 2003's Friends Seen and Unseen with Copperopolis, same 3 guys, but different in one big way - IT ROCKS - literally. "I was just feeling rocky i guess" says the band leader. And the addition of John Ellis' playing both the wurlitzer and melodica opened up alot of space for Charlie to simply shred.

Charlie Hunter: 8 String Guitar
John Ellis: Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Wurlitzer and Melodica
Derrek Phillips: Drums

Produced by Charlie Hunter and Chris Finney
Recorded @ The Truck Farm Studios, New Orleans,La - during Jazzfest 2005

1. Cueball Bobbin... mp3
2. Frontman mp3
3. Swamba Redux mp3
4. Copperopolis mp3
5. Blue Sock mp3
6. The Pursuit Package mp3
7. A Street Fight Could Break Out mp3
8. Drop the Rock mp3
9. Think Of One mp3

Released 2/7/06