Colonel Bruce Hampton - One Ruined Life of a Bronze Tourist CD

The title alone should clue you in...more madness from the infinite world of Col. Bruce! This was
originally released in the heat of Disco madness, 1978. Boy, the few people who heard this must have
known they were getting a glimpse into the improvised music world...this music means whatever you want
it to, or nothing at all...just don't expect any rationality!

Track List:
1- Charles Patrick's Millionaires Learn to Swing
2- Sunshine Makes Eye Contact
3- Leaning Near a Town, She Stood the Storm
4- Frolic with Closet Lizards
5- The Imposition According to Vasco De Gamma
6- Cocoa Beach
7- In the Park With You
8- Rise to Failure and 300
9- Col. Crawford Boyd Speaks on the Essentials of Tragic Waste Due to the Spiritual Rebirth
of Ty Cobb
10- Working on a Building
11- Ghost Alcohol Sandwich
12- Talking Shoe