Dr. Bacon - Fast & Loose With the Essentials CD


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Fast & Loose with the Essentials is Dr. Bacons first full length album, capturing the excessive energy and hedonistic tendencies of live Dr. Bacon shows while providing an opportunity to polish and perfect every little detail. Recorded and mixed over a 2 year period, this album is a progressive snapshot of a band completing a transition from reckless immaturity to young adulthood immaturity. A celebration of the aimless possibilities and wasted potential of young adulthood exuberance. It showcases the wide variety of styles, instrumentation and emotion that Dr. Bacon has crafted, honed, and refined through years of extensive touring. Tracked and mixed mostly in a small apartment living room this recording feels intimate and raw yet has deceptive subtlety and nuance. We truly hope you enjoy this album. If you don't like one song, wait, the next will likely be what you didn't know you were looking for.

Released October 2019


1. Overtime 5:11
2. Pancakes 5:14
3. Maybe Maybe 5:49
4. Music My Soul 7:39
5. Scrumptious 5:21
6. Red Letter 4:59
7. Boiled Bacon 0:55
8. She Needs 5:05
9. Chili Dog 3:24
10. Got That 6:03
11. Tomorrow Brings 5:30
12. Mati 4:43
13. Scruthers 9:25
14. Lookin' Good 2:07