Frank Zappa - The Dub Room Special CD

All tracks are previously unreleased on CD and with the exception of the Token Vamp which appeared for the first time in The Dub Room Special. "The basic tracks from Inca Roads & Florentine Pogen were recorded live at KCET during the production of our TV special", writes FZ on One Size Fits All (1975). This equally thoroughly rejected television program is know as A Token Of His Extreme.

1. A Token Of My Extreme (Vamp) 2:29 mp3
2. Stevie's Spanking 5:54 mp3
3. The Dog Breath Variations 1:42 mp3
4. Uncle Meat 2:16 mp3
5. Stink-Foot 3:58 mp3
6. Easy Meat 6:51 mp3
7. Montana 4:24 mp3
8. Inca Roads 9:46 mp3
9. Room Service 9:15 mp3
10. Cosmik Debris 7:44 mp3
11. Florentine Pogen 10:13 mp3

Produced, Mixed & Edited by FZ(November 1982)

Supervision & Sequencing by DweezilZappa

Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers

Mastered by Steve Hall (April 2003)

Liner notes by John Frusciante

Art direction & text by Gail Zappa

Cover painting by Eric White

KCET, Los Angeles

August 27, 1974

Engineer: Kerry McNabb

FZ--guitar, percussion, vocals

Napoleon Murphy Brock--sax, vocals

George Duke--keyboards, finger cymbals,tambourine, vocals

Ruth Underwood--percussion

Tom Fowler--bass

Chester Thompson--drums


Mort Libov--vocals (uncredited)

The Palladium, NYC

October 31, 1981

Recording engineer: Mark Pinske (uncredited)

Remix engineer: Bob Stone

FZ--lead guitar, vocals

Ray White--guitar, vocals

Steve Vai--stunt guitar, vocals

Tommy Mars--keyboards, vocals

Robert Martin--keyboards, vocals

Ed Mann--percussion, vocals

Scott Thunes--bass, vocals

Chad Wackerman--drums