G. Love & Special Sauce - The Juice CD


"I've been in the game a long time, but I've always considered myself a student," says G. Love. "Finishing this album with Keb Mo' felt like graduation."

Recorded in Nashville with a slew of special guests including Robert Randolph, Marcus King,  and  Roosevelt Collier, 'The Juice' is indeed diploma-worthy.  Co-produced  and co-written with GRAMMY-winning icon Keb Mo', it's an electrifying collection, one that tips its cap to more than a century of blues greats even as it offers its own distinctly modern pop spin  on  the  genre and solidifies his place in music history  as  a  genre-bending pioneer  with  a  sound The  New  York Times described as "a new and urgent hybrid" and NPR called a "musical melting pot." G. Love's lyrics are both personal and political here, artfully  balancing  his  appreciation  for the  simple  joys in  life with  his  obligation to speak  out  for  justice  and  equality,  and  his  performances  are  suitably  riotous  and rousing  to  match,  with  infectious  call-and-response  hooks  and funky sing-along choruses at every turn. Easy as it is to succumb to cynicism these days, the songs on 'The Juice' refuse, insisting instead on hope and determination in the face of doubt and despair.

"I've never been the kind of guy who thinks he's going to change the world with his guitar," reflects G. Love. "But maybe I can write the kind of songs that give strength and  encouragement  to  the  people  who  are  out  there  doing  the  work  to  make  this planet a better place. Those are the people I want to lift up with my music."

The Juice (feat. Marcus King)
Soulbque (feat. Roosevelt Collier)
Go Crazy (feat. Keb' Mo')
Shake Your Hair
Fix Your Face
She's the Rock
Diggin' Roots (feat. Ron Artis II)
Shine on Moon (feat. Keb' Mo')
Birmingham (feat. Robert Randolph & Keb' Mo')
Drinkin' Wine
The Juice (Reprise)