Groove Fetish - Between Earth and Outer Space EP

Groove Fetish - Between Earth and Outer Space EP

Groove Fetish combines driving rhythms, seductive melodies, and incredible solos to create their sound. Top that off with soulful lead vocals and powerful harmonies, and you’ll have the band Groove Fetish. Groove Fetish is a five piece rock n roll band from Wilmington, NC, comprised of Clay Crotts (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Ethan Schilf (bass guitar), Jason Woolwine (piano/organ/synth), Andrew Massey (drums), and Andy Blair (lead guitar/vocals).

“Between Earth & Outer Space” is the first recorded studio album for Groove Fetish. Released on New Years Eve 2014, the EP consists of songs that passionately discuss life, love, and the unknown, while showcasing the bands versatility in writing and performance. “Between Earth & Outer Space” combines a Rock n’ Roll foundation with soulful, captivating melodies and impressive musicianship, while delivering meaningful lyrics that the listener can relate to.

Track Listing

  1. Brewkowski listen
  2. Dancing Shoes listen
  3. Illusions listen
  4. Carry On listen
  5. Outro listen

Release Date 2014

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