Home Grown 2 - Smokin' Jams CD

Featuring: Strangefolk, Ekoostik Hookah, Grinch, Percy Hill, Day By the River, Schleigho, Goose, Boud Deun, Jamie Notarthomas, The Pondering, Tiajuana Caravan, & yeP!

Track List & Artists:
Hiawatha's Holy Curse~Jamie Notarthomas
One World~Ekoostik Hookah
Groovin' Free~Tiajuana Caravan
Taking Over~Day by the River
She's Never Going Back~Grinch
Drake #7~Boud Deun
Blue Flame~Goose
Mr. Rogers~The Pondering
Broken Window~Percy Hill

"As a sampler, it would be hard to find a better representation of this type of music. For those who are already down with the groove, it becomes an essential part of your collection." Campus Express

"Jam fiends and adventurous music lovers check out the goods and get ready to JAM! It will open your mind up to some of the best young jam bands performing today." Fantastic Voyage System Magazine

"This comp CD was aptly titled as every track up here is pretty smokin'. Check it out for yourself and get turned on to some great bands and outrageous music. You'll be blown away." fAZE3 Magazine