Infamous Stringdusters - Silver Sky/We'll Do it Live (2 CDs)

Silver Sky - the recent studio recording in The Infamous Stringdusters' constant, relentless, revelatory musical evolution -- is released in Fall 2012 in a very special Silver Sky-Deluxe Edition. Delivered by SCI Fidelity and the band's own High Country label, Silver Sky-Deluxe Edition includes a previously unreleased bonus track, "He's Gone," and the bonus live album, We'll Do It Live.

Working with an unlikely studio partner - hip-hop producer Billy Hume (Ludacris, Nas) - Silver Sky finds The Infamous Stringdusters' powerful rhythms and vocal melodies at the forefront of the music. Paired with We'll Do It Live - a seamless live recording culled from four epic 2011 performances - Silver Sky-Deluxe Edition eloquently demonstrates a band whose artistic voice has fully emerged, and offers a riveting glimpse of just how, and where, The Infamous Stringdusters are leading the bluegrass revolution.

Silver Sky - Deluxe Edition
Track Listing:
01. Don't Mean Nothin'
02. Rockets
03. The Hitchhiker
04. Tears Of The Earth
05. The Place That I Call Home
06. Like I Do
07. Heady Festy
08. Night On The River
09. When The Night Comes Around
10. Fire *
11. Walking On The Moon **
12. He's Gone (Exclusive Bonus Track) ***
*Featuring the Rubblebucket Horns
**Originally recorded by The Police, Featuring the Rubblebucket Horns
***Originally recorded by The Grateful Dead

We'll Do It Live
Track Listing:
01. Fork In The Road
02. The Hitchhiker
03. Long Lonesome Day
04. Gettin' Down The Road
05. Get It While You Can
06. Masquerade
07. Ain't No Way Of Knowing
08. Well, Well
09. How Far I'd Fall For You
10. All The Same
11. No More To Leave You Behind
12. Echoes Of Goodbye
13. Keep On Truckin'

Release date 10.16.12