Jeff Beck - Brisbane 1977 CD


Following the success of his 1975 album Blow By Blow, in May 1976, Jeff Beck returned to the studio and recorded Wired, which paired ex-Mahavishnu Orchestra drummer and composer Narada Michael Walden, and keyboardist Jan Hammer. The album employed a jazz-rock fusion style, which sounded similar to the former work of his two collaborators. To promote the record, Beck joined forces with the Jan Hammer Group and embarked on a seven-month-long world tour, mainly playing North American dates (Beck was a US Tax exile at the time) although towards the end of the jaunt the entourage performed a few shows in Australia. The highlight concert 'down under' was played at Brisbane's Activity Centre on 7th February 1977. Featuring a sterling set-list - very different to that which appeared on the live compilation from the same tour, released on Epic in 1977 - and an exemplary line-up of Beck, Hammer, plus Fernando Saunders on bass, Tony Smith on drums and Steve Kindler on violin, this dynamic and rewarding gig is now released here for the first time since it was broadcast on local FM radio more than 40 years ago.

Track Listing

Oh Yeah'
Darkness/Earth In Search Of A Sun
You Know What I Mean
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Bass Solo/Come Dancing

She's A Woman
Diamond Dust
Freeway Jam

Release date 05.08.2020