Jesse McReynolds & Friends - Songs of the Grateful Dead CD


Recorded by one of our greatest music legends, American treasure, mandolin innovator and stylist Jesse McReynolds. Known for his singing, arranging, songwriting, musical wizardry and recognized for his musical virtuosity, Jesse is a 45 yr veteran of the Grand Ole Opry, multiple Grammy nominee and winner and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee. Songs of the Grateful Dead, performed with his friends, David Nelson (New Riders Of The Purple Sage) and Stu Allen, is Jesse's take on 12 of the finest Grateful Dead Songs ever written by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia plus a new original song penned by Jesse & Grateful Dead Songwriter, Robert Hunter. "Jesse's singing voice is like a long-lost brother voice between Jerry Garcia and David Nelson. Everyone who knows their work and is fortunate enough to hear this record will know what I mean. What a trio you'd all have made! The singing is steady and strong. Jerry would approve, I'm certain." - Robert Hunter.

Track Listing1. Black Muddy River listen
2. Ripple listen
3. The Wheel listen
4. Bird Song listen
5. Franklin's Tower listen
6. Standing on the Moon listen
7. Loser listen
8. Fire on the Mountain listen
9. Stella Blue listen
10. Deep Elem Blues listen
11. Deal listen
12. Alabama Getaway listen
13. Day by Day listen

Release date 10.19.2010