John McLaughlin, Jaco Pastorious, Tony Williams - Trio of Doom CD

A one-shot dream band, Trio of Doom only performed one concert and a handful of tracks in the studio, making this long-overdue CD their complete recorded works. Electric guitarist John McLaughlin, bassist Jaco Pastorius, and drummer Tony Williams were at the peak of their abilities and their brief time together resulted in some truly astounding music.

Live tracks recorded at Havana Jam Festival, Cuba, 1979; studio tracks recorded the next week in NYC.

1. Drum Improvisation (Live) mp3
2. Dark Prince (Live) mp3
3. Continuum (Live) mp3
4. Para Oriente (Live) mp3
5. Are You the One, Are You the One? (Live) mp3
6. Dark Prince (Studio)
7. Continuum (Studio)
8. Para Oriente (Alternate Take One/Studio)
9. Para Oriente (Alternate Take Two/Studio)
10. Para Oriente (Studio)

Released 6/26/07