Jonas Hellborg - Abstract Logic CD

In December 1994, I had a year earlier moved from New York to Paris. I was trying to establish a new way of dealing with improvisation within fusion" music. Very much inspired by the Indian tradition of supporting imitation behind soloists, I wanted to create a platform where listening and understanding was so alert that there would be a continuos flow of ideas back and forth between the musicians playing. Playing with Ginger Baker thru the late 80's we had touched on this quite a bit. During one of our recording sessions in London the then 17 year old son of Ginger, Kofi, had been down to the studio and played a bit, and I had been very curious to play further with him.

A chance encounter at a Paris musical instrument trade show had finally put me in touch with Shawn Lane, the elusive underground guitar virtuoso. We had found some common ground over a few dinners in Paris, and decided to try to record together at least. For the sessions I had rented a huge (500 sq m/5000 sq foot) Art Gallery, brought in my portable recording set up and prepared about 10 different sketches of musical compositions. Also I had at the time collected a lot of Indian and Pakistani music videos, that I played for Shawn and Kofi in order to explain my ideas of collective improv a little bit clearer. They where both largely unfamiliar with the music I showed them and particularly Shawn was deeply moved and sort of found a new musical path here for the rest of his musical life (which is pretty clear if you listen to the recordings following Abstract Logic).

We did spend a wonderful week with good food and playing, turning these ideas of mine inside out and scraping the surface of my new concept of improv. I was looking for something particular at this time so I did overlook a few things in the final assessment of the takes we had, and I have included 2 new songs in this remixed version of the record. I suppose one of the interesting facts of this record is that it is really a crossroad for three individuals embarking i new directions. Me and Shawn continued down the road together and Kofi took a different route but its a very vivid and happy sonic documentary." - Jonas Hellborg, Paris 4 July 2006

Jonas Hellborg - bass
Shawn Lane - guitar
Kofi Baker - drums

1. Serpents and Pigs
2. Rice With the Angels
3. Pluie de Etincelles
4. Layla Attat
5. Abstract Logic
6. Put the Shoe on the Other Foot
7. Throwing Elephant and Wrestling

Released August 15, 2006