King for a Day - Fortress CD

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King For A Day, a Connecticut based original blues/rock band, has just released theirfirst full length CD, entitled "Fortress". Fortress is a brand new 13 song disc that featurespowerhouse lead vocalist and songwriter Dan Labich, a mainstay in the CT music scene.Bassist Benj LeFevre from Deep Banana Blackout, guitarist Randy Funke from TheGrapes of Vaudevillian Fantasy, as well as veteran freelance drummer Scott Lebish roundout the quartet. This new CD is a mix of hard drivin' rock, soulful and heartfelt ballads,as well as mid tempo new classic rock style songs. The power and richness of Danny'svocals are equally matched by Randy Funke's raging guitar, layering a tapestry of sonicgreatness that is both inventive and familiar at the same time. Benj and Scott hold downthe bottom with solid authority, never letting the listener forget that the low end is whereit's at! "Fortress" is a great collection of fresh original rock music, be sure to turn it up!

Track List:
1. She Tells Me So listen
2. Hard Enough listen
3. Something to Say listen
4. Mile After Mile listen
5. Chasing Juliette listen
6. Turn Me On listen
7. America's Song listen
8. Tired of You listen
9. She's My Baby listen
10. Gypsy listen
11. Goodbye listen
12. Lucky Me listen
13. Here We Go listen

Released in 2010.