Maggi, Pierce, and EJ - Silver (3 CDs)

Maggi, Pierce and EJ live, breathe, eat, drink and fart music. For the band's sixth album, they put six songs on three seperate discs grouped by texture and feel. Beautiful, lush melodies pulling mandolins, pianos, cellos and violins through the "Morgen" (morning) songs, followed by huge harmonies and more upbeat tracks during the "Mittag" (midday), and closing with some heavy, far-out, feedback-fueled power trio work on "Nacht" (night).

"Should you buy this? If you like pop, psychedelic, and power-pop, absolutely. Is it good? It is astoundingly good. Borrowing from numerous genres, they fold influences in a power pop casing and feed it to you whole. Early Brit-rock, folk, psych - even the manic edges of the Beat Farmers and Frank Zappa are here for the digesting. But make no mistake, they don't copy. They create." - Frank Gutch, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

"Morgen"-disc one
Whale Song mp3
Michael mp3
Melt Away mp3
Castle Walls mp3
Lies Behind The Sun mp3
Big Falls, WI mp3

"Mittag"-disc two
Music of the Sea
A Moment
Snowed in with You
Sea of Green
Ezra's Stove

"Nacht"-disc three
One Hand
Pocahontas, Illinois
String of Pearls

Released 2005