Marsupial - Moby Fleck CD

Asheville, NC's Marsupial brings a psychedelic, improvisational rock sound that incoporates elements of progressive music and is tricky to define. Take for example the title track of this album - fourteen minutes of psychedelic madness that's infinitely more engaging than the current hippy-dippy marathon rock bands that seem to be everywhere you turn.

With Moby Fleck, an ambitious concept piece, the self-described "fierce-improvisational pocket rock" quartet is campaigning for geek glorification. "The album is based on the internal conflict of a shy, overweight, shut-in computer programmer named Moby Fleck," said guitarist Ian Reardon. "He creates a computer virus to shut down the world, and get back at the people (the govt., childhood bullies, rednecks, etc.) who have forgotten what life is really supposed to be about."

Although experimental, Moby Fleck avoids a typical trap of improv-minded albums, where at times the song format fits together as well as a jigsaw puzzle in a hurricane. Fans of open-ended jams will rejoice over the groove-based psychedelia of "Thieves in Green" and the no-hope dark jams of "Commence, Your Time is Up." The improv has a purpose, and Marsupial's "leaps into the unknown" always come with a map home.

1- Commence, Your Time Is Up mp3
2- Big Man mp3
3- Thieves In Green mp3
4- Leave Me Alone mp3
5- Broken Song mp3
6- Moby Fleck mp3
7- Feeding Your Mind mp3
8- Waiting mp3
9- Less Than A Speck mp3

Released 4/4/06