Medeski Martin and Wood - Zaebos: The Book of Angels Vol. 11


Focused, ecstatic and wildly improvisational, the trio of Medeski Martin and Wood is one of the most popular and vibrant instrumental ensembles of the last few decades, playing to packed houses from Budokan to Bonnaroo and back again. Original members of the earliest Masada units (reaching back to 1993), they are a natural choice to interpret the lyrical Book of Angels, and here return to the fold like three prodigal sons. Ten exhilarating and creative arrangements of Masada/Zorn compositions that alternately groove, lope, shred and burn with a fiery passion.

1- Zagzagel mp3 sample
2- Sefrial mp3 sample
3- Agmatia mp3 sample
4- Rifion mp3 sample
5- Chafriel mp3 sample
6- Ahaij mp3 sample
7- Asaliah mp3 sample
8- Vianuel mp3 sample
9- Jeduthun
10- Malach Ha-Sopher
11- Tutrusa'i

Released August 2008