Midlake - Bamnan & Silvercork CD

Midlake formed in the small, quirky Texas town of Denton. There the five diligent musicians toiled to create a sound that was pleasing, as well as uniquely their own. Soon enough they were discovered by Bella Union Records owner and Cocteau Twins bassist Simon Raymonde. Simon fell deeply in love with the band, and together they began to cultivate a relationship built upon sharing Midlake's music with the world. The band continuously worked day and night to create what would become their debut album, an album of incredible vision, talent, dedication and eccentricity: Bamnan and Slivercork.

Released in June of 2004, Bamnan and Slivercork became an instant favorite for many critics and fans worldwide. Recorded in the comfort of the band's homes, the album has a highly personal atmosphere that lends well to the eccentric, friendly sound of Midlake. Tight, vintage vocal harmonies guide the listener through a mesmerizing pastiche of psychedelic folk rock: reserved keyboard songs, patient rhythms, meticulous musical constructs, and fuzzed-out lo-fi indulgence are all narrated by the narcotic vocal style of Tim Smith. Instantly familiar but interestingly eclectic, this album helped endear the world to the new sound of vintage rock.

1. They Cannot Let It Expand mp3
2. Balloon Maker mp3
3. Kingfish Pies mp3
4. I Guess I'll Take Care mp3
5. Some of Them Were Superstitious mp3
6. Reprimand mp3
7. Jungler mp3
8. He Tried to Escape mp3
9. Mopper's Medley
10. No One Knew Where We Were
11. Anabel
12. Mr. Amateur

Released June 2004