Mike Dillon's Go Go Jungle - Rock Star Bench Press CD

A lucky 13 mega-wattage tracks ready to be dead lifted through your speakers. The three piece unit, led by the acclaimed vibraphonist and percussionist Mike Dillon, delivers a frenetic blast of manic energy, careening between love affairs with Chuck Brown, The Butthole Surfers, Milt Jackson, William Burroughs and The Minutemen. The Go-Go Jungle's reputation for marathon live shows--that often morph into freak-out dance parties lasting to the earliest hours of the morning--proceeds them as they tour the U.S. prolifically. In the studio, however, they've harnessed their "live" chemistry by concocting the most twisted punk rock meets bebop meets electro clash record you'll hear all year--or more likely the only one you'll hear all year!

Tracklisting :
01. Go-Go's Theme mp3
02. Rock Star Bench Press mp3
03. Red Neck Tie mp3
04. Sack O Sheet mp3
05. Hole In My Stomach mp3
06. Chemtrails mp3
07. Surfin' Wit' Chu' mp3
08. Smokestack mp3
09. Vietnam mp3
10. Army Daddy Man Who Shot The Voting Machine mp3
11. Scampi mp3
12. Summertime Rolls mp3
13. Wanna Play mp3

Released in 2009.