moe. - The Conch CD


The Conch is moe.'s first studio release in four years. It has been well worth the wait! With 13 yet-to-be-released songs, the album is a rich body of work that is sure to please both old and new fans. Expansive and, above all, entertaining, The Conch is a seamless work that incoporates a wide variety of moods.

1. Blue Jeans Pizza mp3
2. Lost Along The Way mp3
3. The Conch mp3
4. Tailspin mp3
5. Tubing The River Styx mp3
6. The Pit mp3
7. Another One Gone mp3
8. Wind It Up mp3
9. y eaux Massa mp3
10. Down Boy mp3
11. She
12. Where Does The Time Go
13. Summer o i
14. The Road
15. MacIntyre Range
16. The Col
17. Brittle End

Released Jan. 23, 2007