Moksha - Mammal or Machine CD

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Explosive shows, filled with an arsenal of well-crafted material, have earned Moksha their reputation as Las Vegas' secret weapon. They are emerging from the glitz and glamour of Sin City and garnering a following of loyal fans on the West Coast. Swirling in subtlety, their music paints a sonic landscape that unfolds in the moment and feeds on the dynamic ebb and flow of audience and band interconnection.

Moksha joined forces with guitar legend Brian Stoltz (Neville Brothers, Funky Meters, Bob Dylan and others) in studio to record their first full album. Moksha's modern sound combined with Stoltz's New Orleans flavor created a sound that can only be described as unstoppable.

Track List:
1. Bran Nu Junk listen
2. Blind to the Time listen
3. Interface listen
4. Island Thyme listen
5. Say U Will listen
6. Open the Door listen
7. Morning Fog listen
8. Easy A listen
9. Bobbin' On the Sea listen
10. Trouble listen
11. God's Country listen

Released May 2010

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