Morcheeba - The Antidote CD

After selling more than 5 million albums worldwide, Morcheeba returned in 2005 with a fifth album forged around the Godfrey brothers' magpie influences. This collection transcends the band's signature downbeat style with tunes that are more defined and distinct than on previous outings where the groove sometimes seemed the only concern. Fans of psychedelic arrangements, complex rhythms, and inventive songwriting will embrace it. Elegant vocals find their way around jungles of instrumental influences, resulting in a altogether sublime collection of grooves that owes as much to Jimi Hendrix as it does to Aphex Twin.

1. Wonders Never Cease mp3
2. Ten Men mp3
3. Everybody Loves A Loser mp3
4. Military Cup mp3
5. Living Hell mp3
6. People Carrier mp3
7. Lighten Up mp3
8. Daylight Robbery mp3
9. The Antidote mp3
10. God Bless And Goodbye mp3

Released 9/27/05