My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges CD

My Morning Jacket's Evil Urges moves the band into a completely new realm. With their epic sound intact, the band dabbles in a wide range of stylistic variants to create an album that is as surprising as it is enjoyable. Dashed with humor and unexpected twists along with some of MMJ's more tried-and-true elements, Evil Urges is an adventure for your ears from start to finish!

1. Evil Urges mp3 sample
2. Touch Me Ii?1/2m Going to Scream Pt.1 mp3 sample
3. Highly Suspicious mp3 sample
4. Ii?1/2m Amazed mp3 sample
5. Thank You Too! mp3 sample
6. Sec Walkin mp3 sample
7. Two Halves mp3 sample
8. Librarian mp3 sample
9. Look at You
10. Aluminum Park
11. Remnants
12. Smokin From Shootin
13. Touch Me Ii?1/2m Going to Scream Pt.2
14. Good Intentions

Released June 10, 2007