OHM - Amino Acid Flashback CD


You may have heard the name "Chris Poland" before. Chris is probably best known for his phenomenal lead guitar work with several major label bands including MEGADETH and his progressive metal band, DAMN THE MACHINE. He also released a highly acclaimed instrumental guitar record in 1990 entitled RETURN TO METALOPOLIS that thoroughly impressed critics and garnered much interest from the music-buying public to the extent that the record was reissued in 1998 and in 2002. Poland is a true original voice on the guitar who continues to evolve and take the instrument to new previously unattained levels both technically and inspirationally with OHM:. There is no doubt in many peoples' minds that Chris Poland deserves to be placed among the greats of the genre like Shawn Lane, Greg Howe, and Allan Holdsworth; he is the real deal and more when it comes to the guitar.

Robertino Pagliari, OHM:'s masterful monster on the fretless bass, started playing bass professionally at age 15. Robertino has played with many well-known L.A. musicians including Rick Timus (Pointer Sisters & Bobbi Brown), Frank Gambale (Chick Corea), Bob Robles (Alphonso Johnson, Steve Smith, & Airto), and Victor Bissetti (Los Lobos). Robertino's fat, sassy, powerful bass lines and technical, interspersed melodic solos make him one of the most exciting bassists on the scene today.

OHM: is comprised of three monster tour de force musicians and drummer Kofi Baker is no exception. Kofi is the son of legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker. Kofi made his first professional musician appearance at age 6 and throughout his young career has played and toured with many well-known musicians such as John Ethridge (Soft Machine), Steve Waller (Manfred Mann), Steve Marriot's Humble Pie, Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg, and Brett Garsed. Kofi's over-the-top rock/jazz-based drumming, with all its captivating subtleties, has a awesome sound all its own that takes OHM:'s music to new adventurous musical territories.

Recorded at the band's Glass House Studios, this record could be the most innovative and staggering work that Poland has ever committed to tape. With a natural, organic feel and plenty of musical showmanship, Amino Acid Flashback sets a new course for fusion-rock.

1. DaVinci mp3
2. Tara mp3
3. William's Amino Acid Flashback mp3
4. What If... mp3
5. Joog in da Boot mp3
6. Compass of the Heart mp3
7. Icarus Falls mp3
8. Rooms of Telemetry mp3
9. Skint mp3
10. Spun mp3
11. Tattoo mp3

Released April 2006