OHMphrey, the brainchild of three members of the Chicago-based rock-bandUmphrey s McGee along with two members of OHM, unleashes their improv-heavyself-titled debut.

Chris Poland - guitars
Robertino Pagliari - bass
Jake Cinninger - guitars
Joel Cummins - keyboards
Kris Myers - drums

1. Someone Said You Were Dead
2. The Girl From Chi Town
3. Denny's By The Jail
4. Ice Cream
5. Lake Shore Drive
6. Not Afraid Of The Dark
7. Shrooms 'n Cheese
8. What's The Word, Thunderbird

Musical Styles Set Ablaze on Supergroup s Explosive Debut

What happens when five great musicians locked themselves in a studio for twodays, fueled by nothing but pizza and their shared musical vision?

If you re the super jam band OHMphrey, the result is an electrifying fusiondebut flush with so much creative currency that its vibrant music buzzes withmusical surprises, intense improvisation and even instrumental virtuosity.

OHMphrey, the brainchild of three members of the Chicago-based jam-band Umphreys McGee (keyboardist Joel Cummins, guitarist Jake Cinninger and drummer KrisMyers) and OHM guitarist Chris Poland, a legendary player who s perhaps bestknown for work with headbanging pioneers Megadeth, and bassist RobertinoPagliari (a.k.a. Pag ), unleashes their improv-heavy self-titled debut a recordthat assimilates not only disparate musical genres but the individual playingstyles of everyone involved.

We re all music dogs, says Cummins. To be in the studio with Chris and Pag andcreate this kind of music was really exciting and a great challenge for all ofus.

It was so spontaneous, says Cinninger. We went all out, wearing our hearts onour sleeves.

Gathering so much talent under one band banner, much less in one room, ishistoric. Then again, so often supergroups fail miserably and fall pitifullyshort of their potential. Fortunately for OHMphrey (and the rest of us), thisproject cuts against the grain in so many ways, not the least of which is byeschewing the pitfalls of modern production techniques in favor of astraight-ahead live recording setting.

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