Papadosio - Content Coma CD


Content Coma is a commentary on the phenomenon of our affinity to technology. Social Media keeps us apart and brings us together in ways we couldn't have imagined. We have access to every movie, TV show, or album ever made at our fingertips at all times. We can answer almost any question instantly. This album explores our emotions and sentiments while navigating this content coma. This Spring, we come together to celebrate the unifying power music and share in the precious and increasingly rare experience of the here and now.

  1. Write Sing Play Mix listen
  2. Distress Signal listen
  3. Liminal Daybreak listen
  4. Skipswitch listen
  5. Just Like the Days listen
  6. No End listen
  7. Fire Rite listen
  8. Pool of Stars listen
  9. The World is a Cube listen
  10. Content Coma listen
  11. Fanfare For the Rain People listen
  12. Passage listen

Released in 2018