Pimps of Joytime - Reachin' Out CD


Pimps of Joytime mirror the diversity of their communities through an amalgamation of New Orleans and Bay Area funk elements, juxtaposed with Brooklyn's DIY ethos. The result is an eclectic blend of genres that will appeal to music fans across the board.

"The process of making this album started in 2019," Brian J explains. "I was on a bit of a break from Pimps of Joytime and just began laying some grooves and chord progressions down. By the time Covid hit, I had some solid sketches in place, and with my newly found free-time, I dug-in on refining those recordings. I am very excited for this album to get out there into the world! A spirit of love and exaltation was my guiding influence throughout the creative process, and it is my hope that folks will come away with that feeling after listening."

Though Brian J handles a sizable portion of writing, instrumentation, and production, this sizzling new Pimps elixir also incorporates crucial contributions from Carol C (Si*Se), and several performances from New Mastersounds bassist Pete Shand. Though a decidedly-fresh start for this long-running, genre-blurring collective, Reachin' Up also pays tribute to their past.  Brian J reconnects with old friends like Chauncey Yearwood and Marcus Farrar (Antibalas), whose roots trace back to Pimps of Joytime's earliest efforts.  Their contributions are prominently featured on the album's singles, bringing the project full circle.