Robert Walter's 20th Congress - Giving Up The Ghost

The former Greyboy Allstar explores new territory, incorporating elements of electronic music and dub reggae into his traditional R&B and jazz roots, all powered by the flavor of his vintage Fender Rhodes and Hammond B-3 Organ. The result is a new hybrid that's distinctly Robert Walter, which is to say, the sound combines just about every form of music into a driving, syncopated groove that will please fans of all types.

1- Glassy Winged Sharp-Shooter
2- Aquafresh
3- Convex & Concave
4- Circle Limit
5- Bygones Be
6- Dump Truck
7- Easy Virtue
8- Clear All Wires
9- Bet
10- Underbrush
11- Sacred Secret
12- Giving Up The Ghost