Roots Of Creation - Rise Up CD

This reggae-based group from the Northeast has proven their ingenuity on Rise Up, their second album. Using reggae's rhythms and mindset as a starting point, ROC proceeds to integrate the infectious hooks and songwriting of rock, the instrumental alchemy of jazz, and the pulse-pounding beats of hip-hop into their energetic sound.

1- Rise Up! mp3
2- Dubomb mp3
3- Death March mp3
4- Babylon mp3
5- That's How Stong My Love Is mp3
6- Proggae mp3
7- Peace Love and Music/Dubwagon XL/Revolution mp3
8- Universal Soldier mp3
9- Legalize and Tax It mp3
10- Breathe It > Exhale mp3
11- Can't Stop mp3
12- New Classic mp3
13- Made For Me
14- Void
15- Sorry I Had To Go

Released Sept. 5, 2006