Soul Coughing - New York, New York 8/16/99

This hometown show was one of the band's last. Pulling songs from a wide swath of their catalog, Soul Coughing delivered a fine show that would be considered representative of their overall sound. Indescribable sound, ballistic live performance!

Disc One:
1- Rolling mp3
2- Collapse mp3
3- The Idiot Kings mp3
4- Bus To Beelzebub mp3
5- Blame mp3
6- True Dreams Of Wichita mp3
7- St. Louise Is Listening mp3
8- $300 mp3
9- Circles mp3
Disc Two:
1- Blue Eyed Devil
2- Maybe I'll Come Down
3- Miss The Girl
4- Mr. Bitterness
5- Super Bon Bon
6- Screenwriter's Blues
7- Moon Sammy
8- Janine