Spiral Up Kids CD

Spiral Up Kids is one of the most exciting new family bands to enter the scene in quite a while. Their fun-loving, interactive performances have hip kids and cool parents all over the Hudson Valley buzzing. Spiral Up Kids took the nouveau country rock of Son Volt, the jamband ensemble of Phish, the earthy funk of the Band, and the sweet harmonies of CSN to create their groovy and uplifting self-titled debut CD. Highlights include the jamband groove of "Friends", the New Orleans shuffle of "Sugar", and the electric, bluegrass of "In The Fiddle Is A Song", a tune based on a children's book written by author and illustrator Durga Bernhard. The album's sleeve boasts that it contains "kiddie tunes the whole family can groove to..." and it certainly delivers on its promise!

Spiral Up Kids spent 2009 spreading their free-range organic music throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City as well as creating their first music video for "Friends". In addition, the band played several benefit shows to help local schools, libraries and organizations raise money for worthy causes such as new playground equipment, books for less fortunate children, and arts in education. The future of Spiral Up Kids couldn't be brighter for 2010! Watch out for New Videos... New Songs... More Shows!

Track List:
1. Alphabet listen
2. In The Fiddle Is A Song listen
3. Sugar listen
4. My Kitty and Me listen
5. Friends listen
6. Boo Boo Blues listen
7. Little Kids Everywhere listen
8. Busy Toddler listen
9. Ducks listen
10. Barefoot Boogie Baby listen
11. Stomp listen
12. Rainy Day Play listen
13. You are My Sunshine listen